Getting to Know Qing Dynasty Porcelain  Chinese porcelain has some twenty-thousand millennia of history behind it. Like other creators around the world, individual artisans found inspiration in everything from spiritual concepts to current affairs and sheer functionality. During the long-lived Qing dynasty, which lasted from 1644 until 1911, methodologies used for centuries prior reached new heights of perfection, resulting in iconic styles unique to the era.

Notable Developments in Artistic Style
By the 1600s, the familiar blue-and-white motifs that most people associate with Chinese porcelain were already hundreds of years old. Artisans created these underglaze images by painting cobalt blue colors onto the hard surfaces of porcelain vessels before glazing and firing them. Because blue pigments were easier to use consistently, they gained prevalence over underglaze colors like red.

During the Qing dynasty, more artisans began experimenting with centuries-old overglaze enamel technique…